Product : Opolo Cosmos

Product description

OPOLO Cosmos is a hardware crypto-currency wallet compatible with 126 blockchains and 280,000 tokens and equipped with an EAL6+ security element.
It allows you to exchange crypto-currencies while keeping complete control of your private keys, without having to entrust them to a third-party application.

Label - Functional contour:

The audited object is a hardware crypto-currency wallet solution consisting of two elements:
- Wallet Cosmos (hardware):
◦ Firmware version: not specified ;
▪ HASH (SHA256): 9d94a4af3f68b7f3bc47d0d60811fb6d4f69f501a61a517f58abb30bd0891a31
◦ Purpose: To store cryptographic secrets.
◦ Description: The material portfolio is composed of several elements but two predominate in defining the solution:
▪ Microprocessor (MCU): Microcontroller unit: an intelligent semiconductor consisting of a processor unit, memory modules, communication interfaces and peripherals. It could be compared to the brain of the solution.
▪ Secure Element (SE): An element that stores sensitive data, comparable to a secure safe.

- Desktop application (software):
◦ Application version: 1.2.5 ;
▪ Linux: HASH (SHA256) .zip: db81d57da49b0695a0b6d0c806c9148d47bf83701b35f3324ce5fca4830e82ac
▪ MacOS: HASH (SHA256) .zip: e37ad4a6db2c67ff4ea07f6a4a83d67ac88415530260e83c18ac68f77e4e96d1
▪ Windows: HASH (SHA256) .zip: d1e75a2c31956bcf34286e945243af491a3cf15abb6161a1c632c3ec67c78656
◦ Usage: Interact with the hardware wallet to manage (send, receive) crypto-currencies, as well as updates.

The backup functionality using traditional Mifare technology is not part of this audit and therefore not part of the labelling process.
The password safe function is not part of this audit and therefore not part of the certification process.
The various infrastructures of the crypto-currency projects supported by the hardware wallet are not part of this audit and therefore not part of the labelling process.

Label - Details:

Label reference: IQS20210831/OPOL/1.0-S
Benchmark: Benchmark v 1.0 (2019)
Date of award: 2021-08-31
End of validity date: 2024-08-31

Product reference:

Product name: Opolo Cosmos
Product version: V1


Manufacturer's name: OPOLO SARL (Luxembourg #B237193)
Manufacturer's address: 1 Steinfort, Luxembourg, LU