IQS Program

Labeling program dedicated to smart devices security

Two levels of labeling

IQS Standard integrates 25 security requirements whose application provides the labeled solution with first-level security against attacks.

IQS Advanced , for the most demanding solutions, reinforces the level of security through additional requirements.

The IQS Label

The "IoT Qualified as Secured" (IQS) labeling program is offered by to Internet of Things (IoT) players wishing to have the security of their IoT Solutions verified by an independent third party.

A security requirements standard adapted to the IoT

The IQS Label is awarded only to IoT Solutions that have demonstrated that they meet a set of published security requirements. It is a reliable indicator, making it possible to objectively inform future purchasers of IoT Solutions, individuals or professionals, about the security of connected objects and associated services available on the market.

The IQS label's security requirements standard covers the following themes:

As part of the labeling program, the candidates also undertake to:

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Our IQS security requirements standard

Our quality benchmark is built upon security best practices and feedback gathered by during its audits.

Our labeling process

Every IoT device subject to labeling follows the quality benchmark: connected objects, communication protocols, servers reachable from the Internet and user applications.

Interested in validating your solution?

About, the first European CERT™ partly dedicated to connected objects, employs 250 consultants and experts with multiple certifications.

Its services cover the areas of audit, consulting, training, integration and operation (Service Centers) of security solutions. brings together proven know-how and rare expertise (radio frequencies, electronics, SOC, IAM, DLP, PKI, etc.), has an IoT laboratory for evaluating connected solutions and awarding a label, and carries out monitoring and R&D activities resulting in numerous publications and contributions to national and international research work.